Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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Site’s content:

* The site, and its content are delivered on an “as-is” basis.
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* The user hereby agrees that Trima accepts no responsibility for any damage as a result of contacting the company directly or indirectly, and/or use of information of this website and/or services provided by Trima and/or the website, and/or ceasing of providing services. The user will not make any claims in connection with the website due to information and/or programs loss and/or breakdown. Trima accepts no responsibility for the materials posted on the website and/or information delivered by the company and/or any information that can be obtained via the website.

Besides, Trima will not be liable to the user and/or any other third party in relation to the information posted on the website and/or any other information delivered by Trima or by someone on its behalf.

Contact and registration:
* It is possible to contact Trima via the website.

By contacting our company via the website you agree that we will contact you in response to your inquiry and that your request will be recorded in the request management system..

Privacy Policy:
* The site’s content and/or any data provided by you via the website, email etc. to Trima may be used for statistical purposes and control of drug safety, and hence, may be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the law.
* Please note that you’re not obliged to provide any information to Trima. By using the site and/or contacting the company, you agree that Trima can use information about you and disclose it to third parties according to law.
* Trima is in capacity to use this data for statistic purposes in order to provide effective service delivery and improve our websites, as well as to ensure drug safety in accordance with the requirements of legislation.
* Please don’t use the site if you don’t agree with any of its terms.